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Karen is a professional writer, researcher, author, certified Master Naturalist, and she is a wild food educator. She has lectured for schools, a multitude of community groups, and is a sought after speaker for many notable events including the International Herbal Association and for Ontario Nature’s Foraging Week in Thunder Bay. She is an active volunteer with the North American Native Plant Society (and also works as their part time communications person), the York Simcoe Naturalist Club, and she co leads forays for the Toronto Mycological Society.

She, with the help of her husband,  launched EdibleWildFood.com in August 2011 and helps to educate people about the highly nutritious, free food that grows just about everywhere. Today, thousands of people visit her website every day and over a period of any given month she has website visitors from almost every county. Karen says: “Knowing that people from impoverished nations and war-torn parts of the world are seeking what plants they can survive on makes this journey more than worth the while.”

Karen’s passion is educating people that there is no need to fret over the current food prices, free, highly nutritious food grows pretty much everywhere. Foraging is a fabulous way to get fresh air, exercise, and it can be an incredible way to spend time with family and friends.


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