James Burrows

James Burrows

Born into a small, rural farming community in Southern Ontario, James learned quickly that farming was a tough gig. After only 8 months his family was forced to sell their farm due to the high interest rates and low corn prices of the time. As James had not yet learned how to retain memories and had no idea what corn was, he can not tell you how this felt.

Paradise Cinema is James’ first studio recording and was produced by David Brandwein (Turkuaz, Little Electric, Rachael Cardiello) at Galaxy Smith Studios in Brooklyn, New York. This is an album grounded in the struggle to make the best out of what are all too often bad options.

Heavily influenced by the sounds and spirit of early rock ‘n’ roll, the characters on Paradise Cinema deal with all the uncertainties of twenty-first century life while struggling to remember what life should feel like and, when possible, dance to spite the odds.

James was raised in numerous places across Canada, including Whitehorse, Yukon, Jackson’s Point, Ontario, and Guelph, Ontario and spent his high school years in Burlington, Ontario where he learned to play guitar and skip school, often at the same time. For a while he called Peterborough, Ontario home while attending Trent University. In 2010 he moved to Toronto and spent time as an editor and journalist, co-founding the Toronto Tempest in 2012, where he covered stories dealing with gentrification, colonialism, and poverty.

Paradise Cinema is now available and James is currently touring Canada. Have a first listen here.

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