Mad Food Love Erin Socall

Mad Food Love

Erin Socall 
Mad Food Love: Educator, REAL Food Advocate, Writer and Chef at Large

Erin is Passionate; Passionate about life, experiences, tastes, food and of course about the Wholearth farm studio. Since 2004 when Erin first met Montana and the crew at Wholearth Erin has been involved in helping out with biodiversity programs, animal husbandry, random acts of culinary treasure hunting and generally just pitching in where she is needed most. 

Erin has been an advocate of both the “Local Food” & the “REAL Food” movements since her work with the Judith Snow foundation began in 2008. Realizing the impact that diet and nutrition can have on not only the physical but also on the mental well being of a person faced with physical challenges Erin began to delve into what would become a lifelong passion, the pursuit of excellence and education in the world of culinary delights; making the world a better place one plate at a time! 

Working with Judith Snow really opened Erin’s eyes to the plight facing people with special needs, and the issues facing Toronto’s inner city youth, both those in low income housing and those without housing. Taking a position with the Children’s Peace Theatre in 2010, Erin began a series of courses aimed at youth to educate them about nutrition, cooking and most importantly shopping and food budgeting. Building on the success of the youth programs Erin joined forces with local culinary rock star Lisa Shamai, Toronto Social Services and the Betsy Swift Community kitchen to teach the art of canning and preserving.

Taking her belief that foods can heal a step further Erin began a small nutritional guidance and culinary artisanal catering company she aptly named “Mad Food Love” in the summer of 2011 a venture which allowed Erin to combine her passionate belief that food can be sumptuous, conscious, sustainable, locally sourced AND healing into one amazing offering.

Erin spent the next few years pursuing her passions as a “nutritional guidance counsellor” a food blogger and a “chef at large”  operating from her Toronto home.  

Building on her new found devotion to a whole health through diet approach to healing and determined to change what she saw as failing relationships with food, Erin decided it was time to make it “formal” and so undertook studies at George Brown College in Culinary arts; during which time she found herself not only taking her chef training she also engaged in the Vineland Research and Innovation Centre research initiatives, promoting the George Brown Culinary School at numerous trade shows and events and even began to develop and test recipes for future product launches through the Culinary school. 

Buoyed by the jump start from George Brown Erin then undertook the building of a small cafe for the Town+Country BMW group, passionately crafting healthy and budget conscious menus for a team of no less than 180 staff and clients all the while implementing new and creative ideas throughout the dealership. 

Never one to rest on her laurels Erin once again took a leap into the wonderful world of education, this time on the other side of the desk. Reasoning that a life lived in harmony with nature and healthy relationships with food begins at an early age Erin jumped at the opportunity to teach children the importance of cultivating a HEALTHY life long romance with food and nutrition, crafting menus which the children could easily recreate at home. Once again Erin pursued her passion for food, this time infusing it into the hearts and tummies of the children she teaches!

Today you can find Erin sharing her passion for food, flavours and life in general teaching children & adults, catering and promoting healthy attitudes towards the sustenance of life and pitching in where she is needed most, usually wearing fabulous shoes and a generous warm smile that shines from her head to her toes.  At LifeStock Erin will be hosting a booth along with helping to coordinate chefs, culinary artisans and volunteers. – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – YouTube