Pipodoll Samantha VanderWyst

Samantha VanderWyst, together with her artist husband Jason, has diligently built the life she has aspired to live since she was a child; A creative, fulfilling and self-sufficient life worthy of being drawn, painted and celebrated daily.

On their homestead in the county of Highlands East, Ontario, Samantha and Jason homeschool their two youngest children while raising sheep, chickens and quail, growing a myriad of organic fruits, vegetables and bursting flower gardens, and producing their own meat, eggs, natural body products, herbal medicines, and wool for felting and spinning. They enjoy a life of hardworking creativity and diligence amidst a breathtaking landscape of rolling hills and abundant woodland beauty. A great portion of each homeschool day on the homestead includes many uninterrupted hours dedicated to art and creative expression.
When immersed in her own creative process, Samantha need only draw from the tangible inspirations that hover around her: Wild birds and animals, plants, flowers, trees and the wholesome goodness of a simple farm life. She utilizes vintage barn boards as a canvas for her paintings, spins her sheep’s wool into yarn, creates one of a kind, handpainted woodslice pendants, sews hen aprons for chickens to wear, and produces children’s alphabet blocks made from fallen branches gathered from the woods around her home and embellished with her original illustrations. If she can find a way to make it herself, she will, and her creations can be purchased year-long from her online shop at www.pipodoll.etsy.com