Pyramid Ferments Jenna Empey & Alex Currie

Pyramid Ferments


After years of playing in bands and managing an indie record label,  Jenna Empey and Alex Currie decided to settle in Ontario and combine their unique skill sets to form Pyramid Ferments. Both Jenna and Alex are deeply committed to innovation and experimentation. This is reflected in their approach to creating an exciting and distinct product line of fermented foods and beverages, never before seen in Canada.

We handcraft a unique and innovative line of fermented foods and beverages that draw from the abundance of our traditionally agricultural area.
We work with seasonal ingredients to highlight their distinct flavours through our Sauerkrauts, Kimchis and Kombuchas; offering never before seen tastes and flavour
profiles to our customers and retail vendors.

We source our raw ingredients as close to home as possible. Combining our own ecologically grown produce with wildcrafted ingredients from Prince Edward County and high quality vegetables from Ontario farms. All of our Sauerkrauts  and Kimchi are handcrafted, raw and vegan. They are a live culture product free of vinegar,pasteurization gluten and preservatives. Each product contains beneficial bacteria and micro flora essential in aiding digestion and boosting the immune system.

Pyramid Ferments Kombucha is made with Certified Organic Tea and Sugar then brewed with distinct and flavourful pairings of ecologically grown and wildcrafted herbs from our farm and local area.